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Aberdeen Lads Club has been caring for many of the city’s young people for almost a century. Offering a range of childcare and youth services for individuals and groups – alongside our family support service - we provide extensive learning and development opportunities for children and young people, regardless of their background or circumstance.

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100 Years Of Supporting Aberdeen’s Children And Young People

Aberdeen Lads Club was set up almost 100 years ago by a group of local businessmen to promote the moral, social and physical wellbeing of the young people in the city’s East End.

During that time, we’ve had premises in The Gallowgate, Mounthooly and Woodside. But for the past forty years we’ve called Tillydrone home.

Working closely with other organisations in the area, we look to engage with the local community to create a more vibrant and supportive environment - particularly for our children and young people - fostering a real sense of belonging, while bringing about positive change.

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Teaching Values And Creating A Strong Sense Of Community

Every child and young person deserves the chance to learn and develop in a safe, secure and fun environment, while being treated with kindness and respect; regardless of their background or circumstances.

From our base on Tillydrone’s Dill Road, we provide a wide range of quality childcare and youth services, helping our youngsters develop their social, emotional and life skills.

We also work hard to create a strong sense of community, teaching values that will shape our children and young people into compassionate, responsible and well-rounded individuals, steering them towards a brighter future.